We had used Mary Cox Interior Design Services, owner of a Little Accent, for the remodel of our master bathroom, and was so pleased with the outcome, that when we decided to gut out (& add a 2nd floor), to remodel my parents former home for our new residence, we knew who to call. The project was quite an undertaking. It involved the initial design direction, the selection of all materials, paint colors throughout, custom furniture and design & manufacturing of custom hand knotted area rugs to name just a few items. I decided to copy some of the many texts I wrote to Mary during the duration of the year + long project as they sum up our feelings about her work: Today was fun. Thank you for all YOUR hard work. I don’t think you have ever had clients who are more satisfied with the work you have done for them. You have turned this house into a retreat and safe haven. A place we can come home to and relax and recharge which is desperately needed right now. Thank you so much for creating a lovely home that reflects all of God’s beautiful creations, the stone, the wood, the lights all add up to this wonderful, relaxing, and organic home we all feel very blessed to live in. As we drove out tonight I could see the light reflecting off the art and it made my heart happy. My husband relayed to Mary that when he came home and the sun was setting, the light hit the TV wall (on which Mary designed vertical wave tiles) and it gave the appearance of water rippling down the wall. Very cool. He also stated that even though this house is new to them every time he comes in the house he feels like he is already “home”. This is way more than just a house. It is me that needs to thank you! You’ve taught and encouraged me to have confidence in what I wanted, stand up for myself, and that I have a creative side. Yes, I have a long way to go and couldn’t have done any of this without you. You have helped create a home that refreshes my soul everyday and continuously reminds me how grateful I am to God for all my blessings. I’m sad to see this project finished because I have enjoyed spending so much time with you. God is good and sent me an angel to accompany me on this adventure. I’m eternally grateful for your friendship and steadfast guidance through this growth experience, as it is the icing on the cake. On a parting note, the house has come together beautifully…Thanks to you and all your hard work! I’ve learned so much from you and for this, you will always have a room in my house and a home in my heart. You are a blessing indeed!

Dino & Terry R., Sahalee, Wa

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